Caregiver Support Services

Caregiver Support Services

Our Caregiver Support Services provide the following services to support and empower caregivers of people living with dementia.

  • Dementia Helpline: 6377 0700

    Provides information and service linkages on dementia care.

  • Home Support Team (COMIT Dementia Singapore @ Nationwide) & (CREST Dementia Singapore @ Nationwide)

    (Referral and assessment are required.)

    As part of the Community Intervention Team (COMIT), we provide assessment, counselling, therapy, case management and psychoeducation support for caregivers and persons living with dementia with high care stress and/or complex behavioural of concern. The team works closely with the community outreach teams, General Practitioners, Polyclinics and other community partners to provide holistic care to clients.

    As part of the Community Outreach Team (CREST), we also raise public awareness of dementia, promote early recognition of at-risk individuals, provide emotional support to individuals and their caregivers, and link individuals to relevant health and social care services when necessary.

  • Caregiver Support Groups (in English, Mandarin and Malay)

    Caregiver Support Group provides an opportunity for respite while meeting other caregivers in a similar situation to share caregiving experiences and practical tips, learn about dementia, and discover resources in a relaxed and safe environment. Find out more and register here

  • Caregiver Support and Network (CREST-Caregivers Dementia Singapore @ Nationwide)

    The Caregiver Community Outreach Team (CREST-Caregivers) focuses on caregivers who have or are at risk of developing depression, anxiety and burn out due to their caregiving role. The team increases public awareness of caregiving concerns, promotes identification of caregiver needs, supports caregivers in self-care, and links caregivers up with support groups and counselling services where needed.

    Caregiver Support & Network aims to promote self-care by providing a platform for caregivers to nurture their interests, learn new skills, maintain their well-being, and connect with like-minded individuals at the same time. Register and get connected here.

  • Eldersit Service

    This is a home-based service where trained Eldersitters engage with persons with dementia over a short period of time. Meaningful and therapeutic activities are conducted in a familiar and comfortable home setting for the person with dementia, allowing short term respite for the caregiver. Charges are applicable. Please refer to our care services booklet for further details.

  • Memories Café

    Memories Café is a community-based programme for persons with dementia and their caregivers, conducted at external partner cafés and restaurants. The programme provides a normalised café setting for participants to interact through activities and conversations in a safe, supportive and conducive environment. This programme is supported by Keppel. Join a session here.


We accept referrals from any medical institutions, eldercare agencies, or organisations that work with caregivers of persons with dementia, who express stress or difficulties coping with their caregiving tasks and require continual support.

For Hospital and Polyclinics, please put up your referral through AIC Integrated Referral Management System (IRMS).

For Community Partners, please complete our referral form and email to [email protected] for follow-up.


Refer to our Care Services booklet to have an overview of our services for caregivers, and persons with dementia.

If you need more information on our support services, you may contact us at:

Caregiver Support Services (Bendemeer)

20 Bendemeer Road, #01-02,
BS Bendemeer Centre
Singapore 339914
(Strictly by appointment only)

Online Form here
[email protected]

Dementia Helpline:
6377 0700
Operating Hours: Monday–Friday, 9am-6pm and Saturday, 9am–1pm (excluding Public Holidays)

As a donor, you can make a difference to the dementia landscape. Make a contribution now.
As a donor, you can make a difference to the dementia landscape.
Make a contribution now.