Voices for Hope

Voices for Hope is an empowerment programme that aims to bring persons with dementia and their care partners on a self-advocacy journey. Piloted in 2019, it is a 10-week programme that equips participants with relevant skills and fosters confidence in them to actively share their stories, their needs and views publicly.

The goal of Voices for Hope is to change societal attitudes, reduce the stigma of dementia and improve the landscape of how persons with dementia are perceived and supported.

Programme Structure

The 10-week programme will cover the following themes:

  • Breaking the Silence

    Building familiarity with one another, share experiences, stories and identify each other’s abilities

  • Advocacy and Change

    Understand advocacy concepts and cultivate self-advocacy skills

  • Dementia & I

    Understand living with dementia as an individual and as a family

  • Stigma and Impact

    How the right language impacts people living with dementia

  • Living Well Despite Dementia

    Focus on involvement and contribution in the family and community


  • Experience renewed meanings and purpose in life
  • Connect with like-minded people who understand your journey
  • Make a difference, lend a hand and a voice


Programme Details

Fees: Complimentary
Duration: 10-week programme, 3 hours per session
Day: Weekday or Saturday
Venue: Dementia Singapore
20 Bendemeer Road, #01-02,
BS Bendemeer Centre,
Singapore 339914


Sign me up!

If you are keen on this programme, please write to Ruth Wong at ruth.wong@dementia.org.sg with subject title “Voices for Hope” or text 9830 6311.


Download the Voices for Hope flyer here.

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