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Date Title Media
20 Nov 2022 More than 200 FairPrice, Sheng Siong outlets designated as dementia Go-To-Points The Straits Times
14 Nov 2022 Dementia-Friendly Communities Channel 8
21 Sep 2022 Iconic landmarks in S’pore lit in purple and yellow to mark World Alzheimer’s Day The Straits Times
21 Sep 2022 How Singapore builds its dementia-friendly neighbourhoods The Straits Times
21 Sep 2022 Living inside with dementia in Singapore: How a loving son created a dementia-friendly home for his dad The Straits Times
21 Sep 2022 Retired consultant is ‘enjoying living with dementia’ The Straits Times
21 Sep 2022 Dementia advocate gets lost in his own neighbourhood but helps others find their way The Straits Times
18 Sep 2022 宏茂桥护联网络推出失智症看护指南 [Ang Mo Kio Partners Network publishes guide for dementia patients, caregivers] Lianhe Zaobao
16 Sep 2022 Presiden Halimah: Syarikat boleh turut sokong pesakit demensia [President Halimah: Businesses can also support dementia patients] Berita Harian
5 Mar 2022 用以津贴并提升患者和看护身心健康 失智症机构获吉宝爱心100万元捐款 Lianhe Zaobao
15 Sep 2022 失智症机构与哥本峇鲁基层组织 打造医疗活动设施照顾失智居民
[Dementia Singapore and Kebun Baru launch assisted living facility for seniors, including those with dementia]
15 Sep 2022 More businesses can join in efforts to help those with dementia, caregivers: President Halimah The Straits Times
5 Mar 2022 Assisted living facility for seniors launched as part of ageing-in-place pilot in Kebun Baru The Straits Times
5 Mar 2022 失智症机构与哥本峇鲁基层组织 打造医疗活动设施照顾失智居民
[Dementia Singapore and Kebun Baru launch assisted living facility for seniors, including those with dementia]
Lianhe Zaobao
7 Feb 2022 Lost at a bus interchange or MRT station? A touch of nostalgia may help people with dementia find their way CNA



Date Title Media
23 Nov 2021 New app for dementia patients offers wellness activities, lets public help those lost to alert caregivers
The Straits Times
23 Nov 2021 失智症机构推出手机应用 提供个人化支援
[Dementia Singapore launches mobile app to provide personalised support] ​
Channel 8 News
23 Nov 2021 New mobile app helps reunite lost persons with dementia with their caregivers CNA
22 Sep 2021 Portal sumber bagi pesakit, pengasuh demensia dilancar
[Resource portal for dementia patients and caregivers launched]
Berita Harian
22 Sep 2021 New online resource portal, app for dementia patients, caregivers
The New Paper
21 Sep 2021 World Alzheimer’s Day: More resources launched in S’pore to support dementia patients and caregivers
The Straits Times
21 Sep 2021 Dementia Singapore sets up online resource portal on dementia
Yahoo! News Singapore
7 Sep 2021 社服机构推出工具箱 助企业更理解失智症患者
[Social service agency launches “toolkit” to help companies better understand people with dementia]
Lianhe Zaobao
7 Sep 2021 Toolkit baru dilancar bantu syarikat bangun tempat kerja mesra demensia
[New toolkit introduced to help companies create dementia-friendly workplaces]
Berita Harian
1 Sep 2021 Rebranded Dementia Singapore to roll out new initiatives including resource portal, assisted living project
The Straits Times
1 Sep 2021 Presiden Halimah gesa warga S’pura papar empati, ringankan beban individu dengan demensia
[President Halimah urges Singaporeans to show empathy, ease the burden of individuals with dementia]
Berita Harian
1 Sep 2021 新加坡失智症协会正式转型为担保有限公司
[Alzheimer’s Disease Association officially transformed into a company limited by guarantee]
8 World
20 Aug 2021 Forum: Caregivers can tap home-based support for dementia
The Straits Times
16 Aug 2021 Celeb ambassadors seek to reduce stigma around dementia
The New Paper
13 Aug 2021 Duta demensia diharap dapat tingkat kesedaran mengenai penyakit
[Dementia ambassadors are expected to raise awareness about the disease]
Berita Harian
11 Aug 2021 Take a Walk to Remember
Ageless Online
20 Jun 2021 ADA mahu pertingkat kesedaran, atasi stigma demensia
[ADA wants to raise awareness, overcome the stigma of dementia]
Berita Harian
14 Jun 2021 Helping residents find their way home easily The Straits Times
4 Jun 2021 Misi Nuradee sebar kesedaran demensia
[Nuradee’s mission is to spread dementia awareness]
Berita Harian
2 Jun 2021 Ang ku kueh, 9-storey kueh & satay murals in AMK HDB estate aid elderly in finding way home Mothership
26 Apr 2021 SMRT MRT stations and bus interchanges to be turned into care centres The Straits Times
27 Mar 2021 He’s beginning to forget who I am: S’porean wife on caring for husband of 40 years with dementia Mothership
8 Mar 2021 The Big Read: As Singapore society ages, who will care for the caregivers? CNA


Date Title Media
16 Oct 2020 More training places, learning institutes for community care staff The Straits Times
15 Oct 2020 Seniors Living with Dementia during COVID-19 The Karyawan
10 Oct 2020 The need to push for better dementia care The Straits Times
29 Sep 2020 New app allows the elderly with dementia and their caregivers to go on a trip down memory lane The Straits Times
25 Sep 2020 Singapore’s first post-diagnostic dementia support programme offers welcome helping hand to families The Straits Times
22 Sep 2020 About 152 million people forecast to be living with dementia by 2050 CNA (Youtube)
22 Sep 2020 Wayfinding murals at Kebun Baru HDB blocks to help persons with dementia navigate Yahoo Singapore
20 Sep 2020 Stepping up for dementia community The Straits Times
19 Sep 2020 Living with dementia – a guide to a better home The Straits Times
29 Jul 2020 Walk in support of the dementia community Ageless Online
22 Jun 2020 She reached for loaf and couldn’t recall how to make French toast The Straits Times
22 Jun 2020 Palm oil firm donates $5m in total to five local organisations to help those affected by Covid-19 The Straits Times
12 Jun 2020 【冠状病毒19】线上活动让失智症患者在家继续保持活跃
[COVID-19] Online activities keep persons with dementia active at home
1 Jun 2020 Circuit breaker takes its toll on dementia caregivers The New Paper
26 May 2020 How loneliness from social isolation harms the elderly and dementia sufferers – and ways to help them overcome it South China Morning Post
24 May 2020 Wrestling the monster: A man, his wife and dementia in between The Straits Times
24 May 2020 Living with dementia: Steven Lau’s story The Straits Times
24 May 2020 Living with dementia: Enabling the vulnerable to advocate for themselves The Straits Times
24 May 2020 Living with dementia: The toll it takes on family and friendships The Straits Times
24 May 2020 Living with dementia: ‘One day, perhaps, I will no longer hear his voice’ The Straits Times
24 May 2020 Living with dementia: ‘Love has no boundaries’ The Straits Times
24 May 2020 Living with dementia: Dementia at 58 The Straits Times
17 May 2020 It can be a lot for a person to bear’: Dealing with dementia during the circuit breaker CNA
16 May 2020 #GreatMemoriesSCS SCS Dairy Singapore (Facebook)
9 May 2020 Greater distress due to disruption in routine The Straits Times
9 May 2020 Mental health fallout: How Covid-19 has affected those in Singapore The Straits Times
5 May 2020 New memo to identify persons with dementia, who might unknowingly flout Covid-19 safe measures The Straits Times
27 Apr 2020 Coping with the stay-home blues – Coronavirus: Activity kits, exercise videos rolled out for adults with special needs The Straits Times
15 Apr 2020 A Day in COVID-19 Our Better Worlds
4 Apr 2020 Coronavirus: No hugs for Grandma – seniors feel the strain of social isolation The Straits Times
4 Apr 2020 From a walking-stick alarm, to VR time travel: How tech can help dementia patients CNA
30 Mar 2020 Bear in mind words that hurt The Straits Times


Date Title Media
20 Nov 2019 Resident homes embrace multi-sensory spaces to help people with dementia Yahoo! News Singapore
19 Nov 2019 Tender to turn state property site into Singapore’s first dementia village extended | Video CNA (online)
12 Nov 2019 She’s 91, has dementia – and is also a caregiver The Straits Times
18 Oct 2019 Don’t forget – concert to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s The Business Times
13 Oct 2019 Missing items, temper tantrums and life shifts: One woman’s journey in caring for her mother-in-law with dementia CNA
22 Sep 2019 Global Survey shows prejudice and misunderstandings towards Dementia will delay their treatment Lianhe Zaobao
21 Sep 2019 More 60% of the public will not seek treatment after they grow old and have dementia Lianhe Zaobao
17 Sep 2019 Not losing heart with dementia Lianhe Zaobao
14 Sep 2019 What it’s like to have dementia: losing friends, talking in circles & a slow descent into darkness Mothership
9 Sep 2019 Silent discos becoming a hit at eldercare centres here The Straits Times
26 Aug 2019 Home in focus: Weaving together tales of dementia The Straits Times
24 Aug 2019 SMRT staff get training to help commuters with special needs The Straits Times
22 Jul 2019 More care choices for dementia patients The Straits Times
20 Jul 2019 Faster and easier application process for Lasting Power of Attorney from August CNA
17 Jul 2019 First dementia care village to be built in Sembawang The Straits Times
16 Jul 2019 Down but not out: People living with dementia rise to become ambassadors for illness Today Online
14 Jul 2019 Spotlight – Microchipping a possibility to help locate lost seniors with dementia | Video CNA
14 Jul 2019 Age Of Possibility: Beating the loneliness of dementia The Straits Times
5 Jul 2019 前线追踪 | 失智症年轻化(下) 8 World
5 Jul 2019 前线追踪 | 失智症年轻化(上) 8 World
4 Jul 2019 Palm oil firm donates $1 million to Alzheimer’s Disease Association The Straits Times
24 May 2019 Creating a Dementia Inclusive Society (Opinion Piece) Today Online
5 May 2019 When carers are burnt out, who cares for them? CNA
30 Apr 2019 3 in 4 with dementia feel lonely, rejected: Survey The Straits Times
19 Mar 2019 Not your typical VR game: Headset gives users the dementia experience Today Online
6 Jan 2019 Making Singapore Dementia-Inclusive with Community Help The Straits Times

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