• September 16, 2020

Vintage Radio For The Ageless Generation

Vintage Radio For The Ageless Generation

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Music is a wonderful medium that elderly persons with dementia can reminisce with and react positively to. Embracing this is VintageRadio.SG, a streamed radio station that plays vintage songs and oldies from the 50’s to 70’s exclusively.

ADA has linked up with a cool new radio station in town, VintageRadio.SG, whose mission is to bring back the good old days from the 50s to 70s through music and other content.

Listeners can tune in to digital radio station VintageRadio.SG for a curated programme of content and music from the 1950s-1970s. The programmes will be hosted by the familiar voices from the era such as broadcasting veteran Brian Richmond, singer and radio host P.N. Bala Supramaniam, former Rediffusion DJ Patrick Kwek, as well as singer Rahimah Rahim.

The station will be broadcasting a line-up of both English and Mandarin content, ranging from music to wellness talks, storytelling sessions by seniors, reminiscence of life in the good old days, letter reading, and other content which will allow seniors to recall their younger days. The radio station will be available as both a mobile app, as well as on web browsers.

To better reach out to seniors, ADA is excited to appoint VintageRadio.SG as a media partner for the next nine months.

Mr Stanley Ho, Head of Communications at ADA, shared his hopes for this collaboration saying, “With digital acceleration moving at a much faster pace than expected because of the pandemic, we are concerned that seniors in Singapore — especially those with dementia — are being left behind. ADA sees VintageRadio.SG as a fantastic platform for us to bridge that infotainment gap. Radio, after all, is a familiar medium for the Baby Boomers generation.”

As part of our work on dementia awareness, ADA will be working with VintageRadio.SG to spread the word on our activities, programmes and services. ADA will also be offering our resources, experts, advocates and accounts from our clients and caregivers who can share their stories on the platform.

“We want to fully utilise radio to pass on vital health and wellness information to seniors living with dementia, and to use familiar tunes to help them reminisce and bring the smiles back on their faces again. The fact that VintageRadio.SG is a digital station will help facilitate a gradual digital immersion for our seniors as well,” shared Mr Ho.

VintageRadio.SG will also be played at all our ADA Centres, and will soon be available to stream on our website and Facebook page. There are plans to include VintageRadio.SG as one of the features in a new ADA app.

For those eager to get a listen and start walking down memory lane, you can access the web player at https://listen.vintageradio.sg/?v=2&tags=ada-website.


As a donor, you can make a difference to the dementia landscape. Make a contribution now.
As a donor, you can make a difference to the dementia landscape.
Make a contribution now.