Do You See What I See? 1024 576 Dementia Singapore

Do You See What I See?

See through the lenses of persons living with dementia, an online photo exhibition of a glimpse in their lives. read more
My Caregiving Journey 1024 683 Dementia Singapore

My Caregiving Journey

Jacinta, the primary caregiver to her husband Rodney, sheds light on Rodney’s dementia diagnosis, their shared challenges, and the steps they take together to overcome them. Theirs is a story of love, courage, and perseverance. read more
Nothing About Us, Without Us: My journey as a dementia advocate 1024 497 Dementia Singapore

Nothing About Us, Without Us: My journey as a dementia advocate

Congratulations to Emily Ong, a passionate advocate who has made prominence in the global dementia community. As one of the newly-elected members on Dementia Alliance International’s (DAI) Board of Directors, she shares how her advocacy started and her hopes to make an impact for those affected by the condition. read more
Finding My Way Home 1024 576 Dementia Singapore

Finding My Way Home

At Kebun Baru, the Wayfinding Project led by ADA involved the participation of people with dementia in discussions and the execution. Hear from Ms Emily Ong and Mr Anjang Rosli, who are living with young-onset dementia, as they shared their perspectives and experiences of being part of the project team that spearheaded the iconic murals in Kebun Baru. read more
Dementia: A Poem 1024 683 Dementia Singapore

Dementia: A Poem

Voices for Hope graduate Thomas Ong shares his reflection in a poem titled “Dementia”. read more
Dementia and Employment: Give us a chance to remain employed 1024 528 Dementia Singapore

Dementia and Employment: Give us a chance to remain employed

Dementia advocate Emily Ong asks for a fair chance for those living with dementia to remain employed. read more
Words Hurt 1024 563 Dementia Singapore

Words Hurt

Hurt can take many different forms; it’s more than physical pain. Words, especially, have the power to hurt, and the scars that result aren’t just skin deep. read more
A Family Empowered, #DespiteDementia 1024 768 Dementia Singapore

A Family Empowered, #DespiteDementia

Even donning the hat of full-time caregiver to her special-needs son for the past 10 years couldn’t have prepared Maggie Lee for her husband’s diagnosis of young onset dementia in January 2015. read more
A Day Of Fun, #DespiteDementia 1024 683 Dementia Singapore

A Day Of Fun, #DespiteDementia

Themed “Let’s Talk About Dementia: End The Stigma”, the WAM2019 Carnival aimed to encourage people to learn more about dementia. The free admission, full-day funfair was held at *SCAPE and featured good fun for a good cause, with a myriad of edu-tainment booths, as well as a variety of carnival snacks and activities. read more
Protected: Wayfinding Initiative with SBS Transit! 1024 683 Dementia Singapore

Protected: Wayfinding Initiative with SBS Transit!

SBS Transit and Dementia Singapore have embarked on an initiative to make bus interchanges and MRT stations in Singapore more dementia-friendly. read more

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