• October 12, 2021

Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

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Did you know that persons living with dementia can express certain levels of understanding and perception through photographs? We hope that through these captures by them, the community can experience what they see.


As part of our advocacy initiatives, an online photo exhibition entitled ‘Do You See What I See’ was launched on 12 October 2021!

Featuring five artists living with young onset dementia, this exhibition offers a glimpse of what the world looks like from their perspectives. It also aims to reduce the stigma towards dementia, to showcase that despite the condition, they can still contribute to society, where their art can be appreciated by all.

We invite you to see the world through their lenses at https://doyouseewhatisee.sg/. This is a collaborative effort by Forget-Us-Not Network (FUNN) and Dementia Singapore.


About Forget-Us-Not Network

The Forget-Us-Not Network (FUNN) is an alumni group formed by graduates of ‘Voices for Hope’ – Dementia Singapore’s empowerment programme that aims to bring persons with dementia and their care partners on a self-advocacy journey. Through the 10-week Voices for Hope programme, participants are equipped with the relevant skills and confidence to step up in public and share about their dementia journey. Upon graduation, participants are free to join FUNN, and continue to lead in advocacy projects to raise awareness for dementia in Singapore.

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