Health Advisory Notice

Official Statements Regarding COVID-19

In light of COVID-19 and its effects on Singapore, Dementia Singapore (formerly known as Alzheimer’s Disease Association) is closely monitoring the developments of the coronavirus infection in Singapore and the advisories issued by Ministry of Health. The care, safety, and health of all our persons with dementia, caregivers, volunteers, partner organisations, and staff are of utmost importance, and we will be updating this page with the latest measures we’re implementing to keep you safe.

COVID-19 Resources: For Persons with Dementia and Families

With the current preventive measures to limit Singaporeans’ movements (e.g. closure of most eldercare services and facilities; disallowing dining-in at public eating places), many persons with dementia’s routines may be disrupted to a large extent.

To support you, Dementia Singapore has put together this information-kit which includes dementia care tips and suggestions. This page will also be refreshed with additional resources.


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